Taylor Marie is a self-taught abstract-expressionist painter based in Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings are inspired by her fascination with the curves, organic shapes, and patterns in nature. She captures the energetic awe-inspiring and electrifying colors of roses in a charming and majestic garden. Her aesthetic thriving floral paintings emanates vibrant spirit and expresses the femininity and boldness in a flower. 

Taylor Marie paints mainly with her fingertips which she states is more liberating than the brush.  "I feel a lot more comfortable and flowing as I work.  I love how I am able to feel and touch the paint as I am creating.  It's definitely a sensory experience I enjoy along with the freedom of having more control of the medium and building the layers for texture.  I also feel more present with the work in having that connection with my body and the surface of the canvas."  She will then take a break and use a brush while simultaneously holding a spray bottle to create drips, adding abstract lines varying from thick to thin in between flowers.  She will then add in looser strokes creating a harmony when the subject is heavily saturated with fluid acrylic and water. Some areas of her pieces are complex with a network of colors, bursting with high creative energy while in other small areas, the lower layer of paint is left to dry and alone by its natural composition from the way the paint dripped. 

Taylor Marie’s other works include her figurative paintings, faces of women that express poetically, emotions of empowerment and strength. She paints the women with shades of light and dark colors where they appear on the canvas from intuition, not with the intent to be a particular person. She claims them to be a mystery and unknown of who they are, to be either from a memory, subconscious, or spiritual. She states she wants the viewers to see the women in the paintings who they feel they look like to them, or inspire them to feel, who they reflect and see them to be. To her, they make her feel empowered and not alone.

She is inspired by artists/writers such as Georgia O' Keeffe, Marina Abramović, Anaïs Nin, and Monet. Since 2015, Taylor Marie has shown her work and sold many of her original paintings in Washington, D.C, Sacramento, CA, Arlington, VA, and New York City where she currently lives.

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