Group Exhibitions:

  • 2019- "Artful Living: Thrive" Annual Juried Show, BritePaths, Country Club of Fairfax, Fairfax, VA
  • 2019- Spring Open House, BX Brush Studios, Brooklyn, NY 
  • 2019- People's Choice Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2019- Butterfly/City Mural, Prints and Originals, Floor Decor & Design, Syosset, NY 
  • 2018- People's Choice Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2018- "Artful Living: Empowerment", Juried show, Stacy C. Sherwood Center, Fairfax, VA 
  • 2018- Grand Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2017- "Pulp Fiction", Tryst Gallery, Leesburg, VA 
  • 2017- Tin Top Art & Handmade, Winchester, VA
  • 2017- "Botanicals", Light Space & Time Gallery, Jupiter, FL
  • 2017- National Cherry Blossom Festival, Georgetown Waterfront, Washington, DC 
  • 2017- "A Story of Balance: Pitaya", Graphic Design, Film Cover, New York, NY
  • 2017- Women's Day, Kit & Ace, Washington, DC
  • 2017- Trunk Club, Washington, DC
  • 2016- "Mel's Art Exhibit", Access Theater, New York, NY
  • 2016- Holiday Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2016- "Art into Dusk", Embassy Row Hotel, Washington DC
  • 2015- People's Choice Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 
  • 2015- Fall Double Decker Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 


  • Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn, NY 2019
  • BX Brush Studios, Brooklyn, NY 2019
  • The Art League, Alexandria, VA 2018
  • BritePaths, Fairfax, VA 2018

Artist in Residence:

  • Floor Decor & Design, Syosset, NY 2019
  • Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2015

Mural in Syosset, NY, Long Island...

New wall art for Floor Decor & Design in Syoseet, New York located in their showroom along with many more of my prints and two originals. (January 2019)

April 21, 2018

Featured: BritePaths Artful Living Juried Show and Silent Auction.

"City Lights" a 24x24in., dreamlike, floral abstract painting demonstrates a message of empowerment through its uplifting colors and symbolic subject matter. 

"I chose flowers as my subject because of the way that they bring a message of empowerment and encouragement through it's beauty, grace, and divine nature. "Every flower blooms within it's own time," is a quote by Ken Petti that I found to be very inspiring in regards to hope, having faith and trusting our own inner being and journey. I painted this piece with an abstract style to first draw the viewers attention to the rich colors and then to the form, textured strokes and petals. The bold pigment represents the feeling of strength and ambition, the watercolor techniques are adding the emotion and the illusion of depth. The title, "City Lights" was inspired by a time I was looking through the window of a NYC taxi during an evening rainstorm and was in awe of how beautiful the bright reds and yellows mixed so elegantly through the glass. It brought me a feeling of overwhelming excitement and joy despite the dreary weather. I couldn't see so much of the details and structures of the traffic lights nor the buildings, but I only seemed to be more drawn to the colors and shapes that the wave like motion from the water had created. Essentially, this gave me a sense of wonder that there is a lot of power in color and the way it makes us feel, as well as nature's elements and gifts to us that birth a meaning and purpose to life."

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